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TITLE : Morris The Conflict Of Laws

The conflict of laws is now a well established textbook on this complicated and fast moving area of law the text explains the fundamental principles of the subject but also allows the reader to stand back from the rules dealing with specific topics and to consider some issues which concern the working of the conflict of laws as a whole in note citations are based on reference standards however formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or studyclear simple current and just plain good for first timers to the subject this is a very good text clear and simple excellent for students who are new to the subject as i ammorris on the conflict of laws now in its eighth edition is one of the leading titles on the conflict of laws covering all branches of private international law it is unparalleled in breadth of scope and wealth of detail dicey morris and collins on the conflict of laws often simply dicey morris and collins or even just dicey and morris is the leading english law textbook on the conflict of laws isbn 978 0 414 02453 3

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