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TITLE : The Cheaters Diet

You have to cheat on this diet you eat a mediterranean style diet during the week cheat on your diet all weekend long and youll still lose weight according to the cheaters diet by the cheaters diet the cheaters diet is written by dr paul rivas an obesity specialist who has helped over 15000 people to lose weight he claims that his program addresses the main factors that are important if dieters are to be successful at losing weight keeping the metabolism high and avoiding dietary boredommy goal was simple the task was not i was going to drop from 9 body fat to 6 in just two weeks it wouldnt be easy but with an intelligent educated approach i was sure id be able to come out victorious i had my plan all drawn out i knew what to eat and how to train i even added in a goodthe cheaters diet 618 likes the last diet book youll ever buy the cheaters diet shows you the sneaky secrets to losing up to 20 pounds in 8paul rivas md an internist and weight loss specialist created the cheaters diet on the premise that other diets often fail because people get bored and cannot follow what may be excessive

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