Welcome to Software Cities and Landscapes!

Software Cities and Landscapes is a research project of the Software and Systems Engineering Research Group at the Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus.

The main objective of the project is to fully exploit an urban metaphore (city metaphore) for the development of large software systems. We are convinced that the processes used to develop, reconstruct, and maintain complex software are in essence quite similar to urban planning, design and construction processes. Cities and software share a lot of common properties and way to deal with them.

The current first phase of the project focusses on the visualization of software structures as cities. We explore how to represent different aspects of a software systems structural properties and development process related information in a uniform single view. A particular innovative aspect is the representation of the development history as first-class visual property of the visualizations.

The project builds on our previous work on software visualization mainly in the field of graph visualization.

[2010-10-25: This web site is just under construction.]

You are invited to come back for a more complete version in the next weeks.